It is made of galvanized steel profiles ø 40mm; it is light and easy to carry and it can be completely disassembled and folded. When mounted it reaches an height of 2850mm. It can also be used on stairs and on inclined surfaces. The base is equipped with 4 rotating wheels with brakes

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CodeAltezza Totale Struttura1,85mt2,85mtQuantityAdd to quote
S6050Simple base with wheels ø 125 mm11
S60301,50 metres ladder element22
S6040Joint Element24
S6050LCross long tie rod22
S6050MMedium tie rod22
S60291,00 metre ladder element02
S6050CShort tie rod04
S6060Resined support in alluminium with trapdoor11
S6060ALongitudinal toe board 2,00 metres side22
S6060BTransversal toe board 0,80 metres side22
S6060C2,00 metres wooden boards11
S6070Working parapet with 40mm wedge44
S6090Accessory for use on stairwell00
* A top can be made with 3 wooden boards

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WEIGHT CAPACITY: 150 kg (weight related to a person with tools)

STEPS: galvanized steel 40×20 mm

FRAMES, ELEMENTS, EXTENSIONS: galvanized steel ø 40mm

WHEELS: rotating with brake ø 125 mm

BOARD: wood 2000x800x30 mm

SAFETY STANDARD: D. Lgs. n° 81/2008


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